Monday, November 1, 2010

New England Vacation 5: Acadia Hiking

We spent one day hiking in Acadia. It was your classic "wear layers" day. We ranged from t shirts on top to coats w/ hats and gloves depending on which side of the mountain we were and the altitude. Above I'm on top of Cadillac Mountain, the tallest mountain on the US Atlantic Coast. People say this is where you go to be the first to see the sunrise. We did not do that. Sleep > important than sunrise at this point in my life!

We also hiked up Dorr Mountain, the 3rd highest mountain in the park. It was chilly and WINDY up there. We tried to set the camera on a rock for a self-timer shot of both of us but by the time Adam ran to join in the shot the wind knocked the camera a bit producing this shot:

Me on the Dorr Mountain Summit:

On the climb up to the summit we were treated w/ all kinds of beautiful leaves (see the Acadia Leaf Peeping post). The only other people we saw were rangers working on the trail. They were whistling, had very strong Maine accents and generally seemed very jolly. Not a bad gig, right? Here are some of the views:

Another summit shot:

The walk back down was almost entirely in a gorge. Very pretty. Great mid-afternoon lighting. This first show was taken by Adam. Absolutely stunning:

People in Maine were so nice. An older couple offered to take this shot of us:

A day well spent. But we were still home in plenty of time for happy hour(s)............

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  1. Those pictures are so beautiful. I love all the colors.