Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Annual Bison Family Turkey Trot!

Got back Saturday from a WONDERFUL 3 days with my family in North Carolina. My Marine fighter pilot brother lives there with with wife, Jill and daughter, Gwyn. The entire weekend was just amazing! I'll post a separate post with pictures and highlights from the weekend. I thought the Turkey Trot deserved a post all its own:)

My family is, in general, in shape and athletic, some more so than others. My brother was the state champion in pole vaulting years ago, my Dad was a competitive triathlete and still is a competitive skier. My mom golfs and is an excellent tennis player. Adam used to be a very good soccer player, years ago. And I...well, I have zero athletic prowess but am working on getting better at running!

That said, however, other than golf and the occasional paddle down the river, we infrequently have the chance to be active together. So when my sister-in-law mentioned she was talking about a Turkey Trot I was SO EXCITED because I had already had secret plans to convince everyone to do a family Turkey Trot as (what else) the bison family!

Some of you may have worried, wondering if we had enough bison gear for all of us to dress up properly. No need to worry- we had plenty. Here are various family members showing off their costumes:

Gunner Girl

Yours truly.

Garrett, Jill, Gwyn

I'm happy to report that all 7 of us completed the turkey trot and I think at least 5 of us enjoyed it:) We ended up covering 2.6 miles. I think next year we'll try for an organized race- I know we will all be ready for the full 3.1 next year!

Here are some more pictures of the herd on the move:

Only 362 days until the 2nd Annual Bison Family Turkey Trot! Get ready!


  1. That is wonderful! I spent nine months in New Bern as a locums in the critical care unit at the local hospital - I loved it there. My husband and I are history buffs and there are lots of little out-of-the-way historic sites to see. Oh, and fossil hunting in NC is pretty good, too. I came out of there with a Mason jar full of fossilized shells and shark's teeth.

    I used to run down near the river, because it was so pretty! It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves very much!

  2. That looks like such a fun day running with family! Great pictures and I am jealous that you are wearing shorts!?!