Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three Cheers for Grandma M!

My Grandma and Grandpa Monson

I am lucky enough to have 3 living grandparents who are all active, healthy, fun and super supportive of all of their grandkids. One of my grandparents, my Grandma M, is having a big surgery this Thursday so I thought it'd be nice to dedicate this blog post to her. Hopefully, sending good vibes her way will speed her recovery:)

I am the firstborn grandchild on both sides of my family. This means I had a few years of one-on-one time with all the adults in my family before my little brother came to steal the limelight. My Grandma was kind enough to indulge me in many ways both before and after my brother arrived. I remember playing lots and lots of board games with Grandma as well as cards, especially Hearts and Spades. I've heard talk that I was a sore loser at board games and if I knew I was going to lose I quit early. I don't know if I agree w/ those "rumors" but thanks for putting up with me, Grandma, if they are true!

It's funny which random things about growing up one remembers. For example, I definitely remember eating Captain Crunch w/ whole milk at Grandma's house. It was so tasty! We weren't allowed to have "sugar cereals" for breakfast at home so that was always a special treat.

I also remember hearing the story about the day my brother was born. I was only 3 at the time, but I adamantly believed that I had kids as well. Apparently, I had imaginary twins. When my Grandma and Grandpa brought me to the hospital they had to hold doors open so my kids could come through after me:)

I love this picture, what a great laugh!

I also remember one day in middle school when Grandma was the first person I confided in about a boy I liked;) I have no memory of who the boy was but I remember feeling comfortable telling Grandma about it!

Even as more and more grandkids came into the picture (yes that's you Karin and Anna-Lisa), I always felt like Grandma had plenty of love and attention to go around. Grandma and Grandpa were present at just about every event- every band concert, graduation, birthday party. They even drove down to the great state of Mississippi for my brother's winging ceremony a few years back (my bro is a Marine corps fighter pilot, see right). Grandma met every single one of my serious boyfriends, in fact always invited to them to Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. She always did and still does, make it a priority to keep up with our interests and life events.

I admire many things about my Grandma. I'm impressed with how active both she and my Grandpa are traveling all over the state to family reunions, to visit friends, etc. Until recently, they frequently came into the city for the day to go to a restaurant, or just to spend time downtown. Without a doubt, Grandma knows more about the goings-on in Chicago than I do- she reads the Tribune and periodically sends an article my way that she thinks I might enjoy. And she emails and uses the Internet like a champ! So impressive!

At my wedding.

Neither my husband nor I have any interest in having children, but one of the things I would enjoy if I had kids would be the chance to be as loving and supportive a grandmother as Grandma M has been to me. I'm very lucky. I love you Grandma and good luck Thursday!!


  1. You are very fortunate that your grandparents are still living - sending positive thoughts for your grandmother this week!

  2. Your grandmother is amazing - seriously. How did her surgery go? I'm sending positive, healing thoughts her way.

    I laughed at the story about you having imaginary twins of your own at the age of 3. So funny.

  3. Thanks for your comments! So far, she is doing great.