Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Work-out Wrap-up

Yummy! Me with my Mom, Brother Garrett and Niece Gunner!

Thanksgiving week was good to me. While I ate a lot (and drank a lot), I was much more "in control" than in previous years and don't feel guilty about the whole thing at all. Did I keep track of my calories while out of town? No. But no biggie. I ate because I was hungry and don't feel like I overate. So while I didn't watch myself like a hawk, I also didn't have seconds and only had dessert once. And I worked out 4 times. It's all good.

Miles run (completed/planned): 36/47
Long run: 1/1
Speed work sessions: 2/3 Speed work completed at goal time: 2/2
Biking miles: 10/15
Weights: 1/2

Good things:
--AWESOME 18 miler today. I felt strong. Running felt easy. This is the latest into "post Fall marathon season" that I have kept up with long runs. Guess I have no choice but to keep at it with the Maui Oceanfront Marathon coming up in January!

Areas for Improvement:
--I just can't seem to get in my weight work-outs. They are boring. But I will keep plugging away on it this week!
--Eating was better. I felt more in control. But I need to really shoot for my 1200 calorie days this week.

Next week's schedule:
Monday: weights, 3 mile recovery run
Tuesday: 10 mile tempo
Wednesday: 4 miles w/ 8 hill repeats, weights
Thursday: 5 miles w/ 5K @ 10K pace, weights
Friday: weights, 10 mile bike
Saturday: Santa's Hustle 5K, goal pace tbd
Sunday: relaxed 20 miler

Ok, people. I was DREADING my run today in 22 degree weather but it was a-okay after about 3 minutes. Don't let the cold scare you! I'll keep you posted when I find my "too cold to run outside" threshold! GET OUT THERE AND RUN!!!

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