Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Some of you may wonder about the title of my blog. 'sisterbison'? 'running with the herd'? What is this all about? I became completely, utterly in love (i.e. obsessed) with bison the first time I went to Yellowstone National Park as a kid. My family became pretty big fans of bison themselves and we jokingly called ourselves the 'bison family'. My brother and I even made a song. Becoming an adult has in no way changed my love for bison. I think I've instilled a least a deep respect for bison in my husband, who graciously tolerates this obsession, even purchasing a HUGE bison photograph (it really is a beautiful piece of art) for our living room. So, what would be better to carve into our pumpkin? A bison. Adam is very creative- this is all his doing and I LOVE it!! So I will spend my Halloween with my carved bison and my husband. My other activities for the day include:

Race report to follow. It was a jolly good time. Many great costumes. I ran as - what else?- a bison. Believe it or not, my family owns multiple bison hats, costumes etc. This one is a vest that has a noise maker in the pocket that makes bison grunts.

Me on the way to the race this AM.

On the walk home to our apartment from the race in Grant Park, Adam and I decided to do a "bison around town" photo shoot. Yes, we find ourselves hilarious.

We stopped by Buckingham Fountain:

We stopped to see the flowers in the Lurie Cancer Survivors' Garden:

Next up: DINNER! We decided to have a proper mid-afternoon dinner, giving Halloween the credit it deserves as a true holiday. Adam made roasted chicken w/ lemons and carmelized onions (ooh, our apartment smells so good!) and a side dish of autumn root vegetables. Great post race eating! Here's the chicken before it went in the oven:

The rest of the afternoon and evening will be devoted to some serious R & R. Definitely some alcohol (I have a Whole Foods $7.99 bottle of Calina 2009 Reserva Carmenere from Valle del Maule Chile that's very decent esp for the price), certainly some blogging and likely a movie or two with Adam. Gotta love those 2-day weekends! They are few and far between!

Happy Halloween to all!


  1. Very cool pumpkin and costume! All I can say is me too! In my last comment I wrote how I sort of have a thing with Bison. Six years ago we took a trip to Yellowstone and a few years ago to the Black Hills...we saw buffalo/bison at both places and I was mesmerized with their strength and beauty:) We have so many freaking pictures! I love them all:)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. That's a pretty sweet pumpkin. Good job, Adam! Sounds like a lovely Halloween. I never get tired of seeing you in that costume :)