Monday, October 25, 2010

New England Vacation 2: Boston Day 2

Day 2 also began w/ extravagant eating. (Theme for trip=overeating, theme now that home=undereat to make up for it!). We went to Redbones BBQ in Cambridge. We had ribs 3 ways (Memphis, Texas and Arkansas) as well as brisket. Yum! Though I have to be honest- I've never had BBQ as good as that I had when I lived in the Mississippi Delta and doubt I ever will.

To work off some of that meat, we went for a walk through the Harvard campus. The campus was beautiful especially with the leaves changing. Walking around campus actually made me want to study. (Weird, I know.) The houses around campus were absolutely beautiful as well. I'm not sure what I was expecting- maybe some magical feeling like "ooh, this is Harvard". That never happened. Instead, the campus gave me renewed appreciation for the University of Illinois campus because in many ways, it is just as beautiful albeit with fewer old buildings. And I'm pretty sure the students at U of I have more fun;)

The Harvard Chapel:

For dinner, we ate at Sorrelina in Back Bay. Sorrelina is an Italian restaurant owned by the same folks who created Mistral (French), also in Boston. At the time we made our dinner reservations, I was still hoping to run the Newport, RI marathon thus was planning on carbo-loading. But my cold was still out of control and the thought of running any distance let alone 26.2 miles sounded downright unhealthy. So, over drinks at the bar before dinner, Adam listened to my risk/benefit analysis about running and by the time we were seated for dinner I had decided- sadly, no marathon:(

Sorrelina was very cute and the food was good. About what I would expect for a high end restaurant in a big city, but nothing over the top wonderful. We started with the appetizer special which was porcini mushrooms with a duck egg over toast. This was my favorite part of the meal. Absolutely delicious! I think it would actually be an excellent breakfast dish. For dinner, Adam had crab risotto which was very tasty. I had 1/2 portions of 2 different entrees:

MACCHERONCELLI American Kobe beef meatballs, barolo sauce and parmigiano
CUSCINETTI "little pillows", Maine lobster farcito, lobster sugo

The first pasta dish was so-so. The 2nd was delicious but very rich. I could not imagine eating more than a half portion! Dessert was panna cotta again. Yummy, as always:)

Next, we're off to Acadia!

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