Saturday, October 9, 2010

In 24 hours, I hope I have my 4:15!

Tomorrow's the day! I have a lot to do between now and then- charge i pod, charge Garmin, organize goo chomps, make sure outfit is clean, eat, nap, eat again, drink gatorade, so no time to write. Wanted to post some pics of the always awesome marathon expo at McCormick Place.

A new addition this year was a wall with the name of every single registered runner on it. From elite to back-of-the-pack all were listed alphabetically. The wall with its quote "We Are All Marathoners" really embodies the spirit of distance running. It is very egalitarian. In very few other sports do the best in the world (the super elite runners) run in the exact same event as the average joe runner. Very cool.

So, I found my name:

I also bought some gloves for the winter running up ahead (though won't need them for tomorrow- high of 80!) and a cool track jacket (picture to follow-it's bad luck to show off marathon merchandise before I finish the race!).

I am super excited about all the spectators who come to cheer us on every year. I have a long list of people who will be posted at various spots on the course and will be so looking forward to seeing them! Special shout-out to my friend, Julie, who I see just about every year:)

For those looking for me (thank you, thank you, thank you for your support) here's what I'll be wearing:

But with shoes- I'm not one of those barefoot running people. I like my shoes just fine, thank you!

Good luck to all my fellow runners! I'll see you at the finish with your 312 in hand!


  1. I was at the Expo on Friday. I didn't even notice the wall of names. I got the shuttle at Niketown and they had a similar display of names there. I felt a little depressed at being at an Expo for a race I'm not doing. But that didn't stop me from shopping lol.

    Have a great race/day tomorrow!

  2. Congrats on a 4:40...nothing to sneeze at in that heat and crowds.

    Good luck with MM bronze level..should be easy, right?

    I'm also trying for maniac-dom by doing 2 in two weeks...Just run 'em slower if you have to is my thinking.

  3. looking forward to your race report!