Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running....with a Blimp?

I had a good run yesterday. Not good from a performance standpoint (I was nowhere near my goal of 5 mile tempo @ 8:25 min/miles), but one of those runs where I really enjoyed the mere act of running.  I loved thinking that I was transporting myself at a reasonable speed with my own two feet. It made me think of the Madison to Chicago Ragnar relay that just finished up (congrats DM Jim!). Then it made me think of how cool it would be to run from Chicago to my hometown Rockford (about 60 miles). No time soon, but maybe one day!

Performance-wise, the run started off well w/ a 1 mile warm up (9:17). When the 'ol Garmin beeped at 1 mile, I took it up a notch and ran the next mile just at goal in 8:24. It felt good. I was happy that I was able to "feel the pace" w/o relying too much on my Garmin. But then I started to feel weighed down. Not my legs in particular, but my whole body. I felt like I was running w/ extra weight on board (I haven't gained anything, I promise) all over. This early in the training cycle - or really anytime- if a performance run like a speed session or intervals feels a lot harder than I think they should, I have no problem revising my goals for the day. Some people probably push on and make themselves do exactly what's prescribed. They certainly are tougher than me but I'm not 100% sure that makes them better runners overall. I'm a huge fan of listening to my body- usually I'll come back in 2 days and rock the same work-out.

So, I scaled it back. (9:20, 9:52). There may have been some walking. 

Then I saw the blimp. I was entertained for a while watching it. Then I totally cracked up when I saw the advertiser: Direct TV. So there's a blimp flying over the Chicago lakefront path on a perfect 65 degree sunny day, encouraging all these people who are being active to STOP being active, GO watch DirectTV which will increase their chances of becoming a BLIMP just like the ad. Hilarious!
My spirits lifted by the blimp, I glanced at the Garmin and saw my 5th mile was so far at tempo pace! So I kept it up, and pulled out a 2nd 8:24 mile.

You don't have to reach your goals in order to have a good run:)

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  1. glad you got a little 'lift' from the blimp :)