Monday, June 13, 2011

Beaver Island Activities

As I mentioned in my first Beaver Island post, BI is a a great place for playing outside. And play outside we did. Here are some pics to prove it:)

Jay and Adam on the boat.
We had elaborate dinners on the porch. This night was steak, asparagus, cheesy/chivy/garlic potatoes, chips and fresh made salsa (that was my job!) and an amazing bottle of wine: Orin Swift's The Prisoner. We brought a van full of food and beverages from the mainland- so glad we did!

Obligatory self-portrait:)
The Beaver Island golf course is a 9 hole course in moderate condition. It is PERFECT for stress free golf as you usually have the entire course to yourself. You are welcome to bring a cooler with your favorite adult beverages. Oh- and I'd recommend some extra balls brought in from the mainland. Like everything else, balls on the mainland are SUPER expensive and the brush is DENSE:)

Jay and Adam. Evenings were spent relaxing by the campfire.

Jay was very proud of his fire.
The sun didn't set until nearly 10 pm but well worth waiting as the stars were incredible! Adam spent some of that time taking pictures of us. As you can see from this picture, we were not always willing subjects.

Hard to believe this is Lake Michigan, isn't it? Looks like the ocean. It was so clear, absolutely beautiful!

We took walks along the beach. We got to enjoy Adam's high pitched squeal when we ran into a snake. Even funnier is when he was running from a horsefly only to be waylaid by yet another snake. He looked like a pre-teen girl in a tizzy:) Love you, hon:)

We played some board games on the porch. You can imagine my excitement when I was able to spell BISON on the board!!

Not pictured here are daily runs which were absolutely magnificent. All gravel roads, lovely lake breezes to ensure it never got too hot, fresh air- I wish I could have run more.

Also went on a bike ride to one of the many in-land lakes which was a lot of fun!

The weather was absolutely perfect- 70s and sunny in the daytime and 50-60s when the sun went down.

Have I convinced you yet that you must visit Beaver Island???

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