Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bike Ride Success!

Mom, Dad, Me, Adam

Last September, my folks came into the city and we attempted a bike ride. The ride ended up being a comedy of errors when we had bike mechanical problems, helmets were forgotten, we lost Adam, and our chosen route was closed.

This weekend, we tried again. It was a PERFECT day for a bike ride, 75 degrees and sunny. And I'm happy to report that no one got lost:) Here are some scenes from the ride:

First we stopped to watch a bike polo tournament a few blocks from our apartment.

Pretty flower.

Soldier Field

Gotta love summer in Chicago!


  1. Bike polo? Why have I never heard of this? Weather is stellar these days...glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Great job getting a picture of Soldier Field where it doesn't look like a spaceship!