Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running Mantras

I might be the only person in Chicago happy that was happy it rained all day yesterday- I had no excuse but to go down to the 'mill to get my speedwork done. 1 mile w/u @ 8:57, then 3 x 1600m @ 7:30 w/ 400m RI, then 1.15 mile c/d. That's THREE 7:30 miles. I felt like an inverted jello pop- my upper body was stiff (I think I was heavily relying on my abs to get the job done) and my legs felt like a disorganized mess of jello. Glad I didn't trip! Needed a lot of positive self-talk to get through this one- I kept repeating "you are fine, you are fine" whenever I started to get that heavy i-can't-breathe feeling in my chest. Then I started reflecting on other running mantras that I've used of late.

For long runs:
"there's no walking in running"
"it's just like walking but faster"
"remember, you LIKE this"

For speedwork, tempo and short races:
"you've got this"
"you've felt worse than this in the past"
"feel bad now, feel good in the race"
"you can do ANYTHING for a mile"
"your heart and lungs need this pain to adapt"- not catchy but totally true!

For all runs:
"keep your head in the game"

What are your favorite mantras?


  1. For long runs: This isn't hard it just takes time

    For races: Pass the weak, hurdle the dead

  2. Nice job on your workout!
    When I'm concentrating on maintaining my form (which distracts me from fatigue/pain), I think "Light, Tall, Smooth" and try to feel what my pony tail is doing. It should be hardly moving rather than bouncing around.
    Otherwise, I say:
    You can do this, you've done more before.
    Pain is temporary.
    You want this.
    You go girl.
    This hill is my bitch.