Friday, May 27, 2011

Madison Marathon Goals

After staying up all night for 7 nights w/ very minimal sleep during the day, I'm not feeling super creative about blog posting. Don't worry though, I have a bunch of ideas for posts on the back burner that I should get to next week because I'm now on vacation for 2 weeks! Thank god.

But regardless of my lack of sleep, I have a marathon to run on Sunday, so I need to plan for it! The good thing is, I fully plan to bask in the glory of my success at Rockford for a few more months, and therefore take it easy on Sunday.

I'll keep this short and sweet so I can take another nap:)

A=B=C goal= Finish the race happy and ready to jump into another training cycle! By merely finishing this race, I will meet 2 goals:
      (1): Get Wisconsin in my quest for 50 in 50. It will be my 4th state. Boy, I have a long way to go!
      (2): Qualify for Marathon Maniacs! By running 2 marathons in 2 weeks, I can apply for my    
                Maniac number. I had never heard of MM until I started reading running blogs but as soon as I
                knew it existed I had to earn my way in:)

It'd be nice to finish sub 4:30, but no biggie if I don't. I guess the only thing I really don't want to do is PW, but hopefully that shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck to everyone running this weekend! Looks like a great racing weekend, in the midwest at least!

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  1. Great goals, great attitude. 2 marathons in weeks is very impressive! I'm pretty sure my body is not one that could do that. Have fun!