Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Well I've Never Done THAT Before

Alternate title: Why Danskos are the Best Shoes Ever

Last night I had a lovely evening with 2 friends from work. We started at a tasty spot called West Town Tavern and ended up at this really fun bar called the Violet Hour (will review both later). Because of some annoying things that kept me at work for longer than I anticipated, I had not yet done my mile run when we set out for dinner. That's no big deal- I've run after dinners out before. But when we decided to go to the Violet Hour and it was already past 8pm, I began to worry. Was I really going to get my run done after a Dark & Stormy?

So, I did something ridiculous. I know it's ridiculous. I appreciate my friends humoring me and actually encouraging me to do this (I know it's so they can have a story about "this goofy girl they know who.....", but that's okay!). Before I stepped into our after dinner bar, I went for a mile run. In my dress my work shoes.....with my winter coat on.

There's really nothing else to say about the whole thing. It was actually a really nice night and a good run. I went real slow so I wouldn't sweat. And I have a new appreciation for the ugly but comfortable clogs that many of us wear at work (see right). They actually double very well as running shoes;)

Get your mile in people, no excuses! ;)


  1. wow, i love danskos but couldn't imagine running in them. nice job!

  2. Running in work clothes and work shoes? I think I would trip and bust my face!