Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More on Rockford

Got the official race photos and results so clearly must post them:)

The stats:
Finish time: 4:05:18
Splits (in min/mile) were relatively even:
Miles 1-6: 9:10
Miles 6-13: 9:11
Miles 13-20: 9:39
Miles 20-26.25: 9:22 (I sped up in the last few miles!)
overall 9:21

Overall place: 125/260
Division place: 5/12 (F 30-34)

Not too shabby. Glad to be in the top 1/2!

Now for the pics:

Yes, I look ridiculous. But, seriously, who looks this happy during a marathon? Apparently, I do. And, yes, even if you can't tell, I am running.

I think this is my favorite solo pic....

....but this is my favorite overall. Even though Adam is partially cut off, he looks so happy! And I, of course, look goofy. Someone's gotta do it.

Now for the paparazzi shots. See my dedicated hubby document my final stretch:

I especially like the last one. See Adam way in the background?

NOW I look like I'm about to die. About time.

I have few a few other random thoughts I'd like to share:
  • Thank you to all the bloggers and dailymilers who posted supportive messages or linked from their blog to my race report (super cool!). I'm still amazed by the motivation and strength I can draw from folks I've never met. Love it!
  • As I read the race reports from this past weekend, I feel a special kinship with runners across the country who dealt w/ the same windy, rainy weather that I did. Some had it worse (40 mph winds in Green Bay, for example) than others (merely 20 mph in Rockford) , but anyone racing above the Mason-Dixon line pretty much had threatening weather w/ wind as a significant factor in their performance. No fair weather runners here! Way to go, everyone!
  • I've caught it. Not the dreaded post-marathon recovery cold, but the ultra bug. How could I let such a time-consuming illness infiltrate my psyche? I blame a combination of my great race, my pretty much painless recovery (ran a 5K yesterday w/ no problems), and Paige's (of Serious Case of the Runs fame) motivational Ice Age 50K race report. I've been eyeing that race for a while and I really want to do it. Hmmm...maybe I need to revise the goals post I have waiting in the wings that talks about focusing on 1/2's for a while.....
  • Last but not least, I'm still FREAKING HUNGRY!!
Thanks for reading:)

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  1. Not too shabby at all! You look so great and HAPPY in the pics...quite an achievement especially given how windy it was. Congrats again on a great finish!