Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Night at Sox Park

Every year Adam gets great 17th row, 1st baseline tickets to the Sox Game (for free!). This time we invited Adam's friend, Jay, and my friend, Sara, to join us. The Sox played the Cleveland Indians and won 1, 0. It's always nice when the Sox win (especially the celebratory fireworks after the game), but let's face it, the best parts of the experience are:

The Ghostbusters margarita man

The audience cam- we didn't get on it this time, but have in the past:)

Drinking beer out of straws. I've never tried that before- it's so convenient!

Hanging out w/ friends
(yes, I'm wearing my Chicago Marathon jacket from 2006, and yes I know it is 5 years old. what of it? ;) )

And, of course, the hotdogs. Let's not forget about the hotdogs:)

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