Saturday, January 15, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

Ah, a perfect winter Saturday morning. Slept in until 7am, just had a little-too-big-but-delicious breakfast of 1.5 scrambled eggs, 1 piece of whole wheat toast w/ jelly, 1 glass of orange juice, and now am blogging while keeping one eye on The Biggest Loser playing on hulu. One benefit of winter in the Mid-West is that there's no need to get out of bed early to beat the heat, rather I can dilly-dally until it gets a bit warmer mid-day!

I've seen a lot of facebook and blog posts asking for good running music. If you ask, ye shall receive! Here are some of my recent favorites from the "Motivation Mix" I made last week for my 20 miler....

I hope you got some ideas!

(Thanks to Frayed Laces- I was working on this post, typing in each song one by one when I saw her post with screen shots from iTunes. Much more efficient! I guess when you are running a 100 mile race this weekend like she is, there's no time for typing! Good luck FL!)


  1. Wow - what a great music list! Thank you!

  2. oooh this is awesome. i love music posts, i always get a few ideas !