Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marathon Pre-Race

How I got ready for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon:

2 days before: Pick up packet and find start/finish lines. Packet pick-up was at the race organizer's condo. Nice and informal. Fun!

1 Day before race:

5:30: Up early to enjoy breakfast on the balcony

7-10:15: Tool around the Pacific Ocean looking for humpback whales. We had great success. Will post those pics when I have time!

11-11:10: 1 mile run along the ocean

12-1:00: Carbo-loading begins w/ ahi tuna (sashimi), cheeseburger w/ fries, lemonade @ Duke's oceanfront grill

1:00-2:30: Nap

2:30-4:30: Playing around on the computer (including this blog post)

5:00: Pasta dinner in our condo. (Thanks, Adam!!) With a great Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, of course.

Our condo has a sweet kitchen.

7:30 pm: Bedtime for 3 am wake-up call. Race starts at 5:45 am in a town ~1 hr away.

And for those Bears fans back at home, don't worry, we plan to catch the 2nd half of the game. There are plenty of Bears fans here in Hawaii too. Funny, we haven't met a single Packer's fan.....Guess Hawaiians are a pretty smart lot!

In Wailea (where the marathon starts)


  1. Have a great race and Go Bears!

  2. I am so jealous of your race - have a great time and stock up plenty of sunshine for the remainder of the cold weather at home!