Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly Work-out Wrap-up

I pretty much stayed on schedule with my workouts until today. I have this 20 mile long run that's been hanging over my head since the end of November. (Wow, it's been almost a month since I ran more than 11 miles. Not good.) A combination of the weather and my work schedule has made it very difficult to get done. Today, both are holding me back- I am still so, so tired from overnight call a couple nights ago, I know running 20 miles isn't in the cards. I think I'll just have to suck it up and plan for a 20 mile treadmill run tomorrow after work. Merry Xmas to me:(

The training runs I did complete went well. My No More Excuses post did keep me motivated right up until overnight call completely sapped my will to do anything but sleep. I hate working overnight. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Whether is's a 24 hour shift or a 30 hr shift, I am wrecked for a good 3 days afterward. Thank god I'm to the point where I can start counting my remaining LIFETIME overnight calls on my fingers (probably about 6 left).

Miles run (completed/planned): 18/44
Long run: 0/1
Speed work sessions: 1/2 Speed work completed at goal time: 1/1
Biking miles: 0/0
Swimming sessions: 0/0
: 2/2
Days I Ate Healthily and Sparingly: 3/7

Next week:

: 20 miles treadmill
Tuesday (day call): weights
Wednesday: weights, 6 miles w/ 8 hill repeats (400m)
Thursday (day off):
11 miles outside, swim
Friday (overnight call): 5 miles w/ 4 @ 5k pace
Saturday (post call):
rest day
Sunday (post, post call): realistically, it will become a rest day no matter what I write here!

Friday will be the last overnight call for a while, so I can get back into more ambitious training the week after next.

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