Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekly Work-out Wrap-up

Plus/minus. That's how I feel about my training and eating this week.

Good things:
--The first 3 days of this week were pretty good eating-wise. Calories not quite at goal but I felt in control. I'm not thinking much about food anymore. I have an eating routine and it's working pretty well and involves 90% healthy stuff.
--Got up early to work out 3 times this week. 4 or 5 would be better, but I'll get there.

Room for Improvement:
--Still not doing a good job with the weights. I HAVE to do better this week- I do not want to fail in the same area 3 weeks in a row!
--Didn't do a single two-a-day. I'm never going to get all my work-outs in if I don't do two a day a few times a week. Especially w/me going to the VA soon- there will be so many days that I can't work out at all. I have to make it up by sweating twice the other days!

Something to Think About:
--I had a wonderful girls night out last night. I drank more than I usually do (don't worry- I took a cab!) and stayed up WAY later than usual (can you believe I didn't get home until near midnight??). I had so much fun and it was worth deviating from my usual disciplined schedule. But, it did cause me to miss 3 possible work-out opportunities- the night of, the morning after and the night after (too tired! dehydrated!). Next time, I need to factor in the post-fun recovery when I make my weekly schedule!

By the numbers:

Miles run (completed/planned): 28/40
Long run: 1/1
Speed work sessions: 1/3 Speed work completed at goal time: 1/1
Biking miles: 0/10
Weights: 2/4
Days I Counted Calories: 4/7
Average Daily Calories Over: 397..improvement from 500
Average Daily Calories Over Accounting for Calorie Burn: 224

Wow, I'm nowhere near my goal number of miles. I wonder if I should decrease my weekly distance goals? I'll do my best to reach goal distance this week. If I fail this week, I'll decrease the goal for the subsequent week (hopefully that will provide motivation to get them done rather than admit defeat!).

Next week's schedule:
Saturday: 3.1 Santa's Hustle 5K
Sunday: 20 miles easy
Monday: 5 mile recovery, weights
Tuesday: Tempo 10 mile, 5 mile bike, weights
Wednesday: 6 miles w/ 8 hill repeats, weights
Thursday: 5 miles (fast finish 5 mile repeats), weights
Friday: 10 mile bike

Have a great running weekend!

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  1. Oh, I need to find time for some two-a-days. I want to do a triathlon in the spring - yikes! The only way to fit in the swimming/biking is to train twice a day on some days. The thing is, I feel selfish when I train twice a day - I feel like I ought to be hanging with the family. :(