Monday, December 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

(You'd be surprised how many 'horse on treadmill' pictures I had to choose from on google images. Apparently horses running on treadmills is not that unusual. Go figure.)

...or more appropriately:

"I'm Back on the Treadmill Again,
Thankful to Get a Run In!"

Today I ran for the first time since last Thursday! 3 whole days with NO exercise. NOT fun. But I had to get over my cold asap, so I did some serious couch sitting. Let me tell you, I was thrilled to get out of work early enough for a work-out this afternoon. Made my week!

To get back into the swing of things, I did some Yasso 800's. Eight of them to be precise. 1st a 1 mile warm-up at 9:31 pace, then 8 x 400m @ 8:00 pace with ~3 minutes recovery b/t each at 10:30 pace. Then a 0.5 mile cool down at 9:13 pace.

This is the hardest Yasso work-out I've ever done. I think I've found the right pace for now. I'll start adding repeats for a few weeks before I increase my speed. I was short of breath on the last few for sure!

Total mileage: 7 miles

Tomorrow I have a day off so I'm supposed to get in 20 miles. Seeing as the high is 16 and the path is icy I'm guessing a large part of the 20 will be on the treadmill. Boo! I think the longest run I've ever done on a treadmill is 15 miles. I'll need to get a least a few miles done outside or I might not make it mentally!


  1. Long runs on the treadmill stink! :( Hope you get to do most of your run outdoors tomorrow!

  2. So glad you asked, trifitmom:) It's a great work-out- one of my favorites. I wrote about it in detail last month: