Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Work-out Wrap-up

The above is my theme for this week. It's simple. Not much to reflect on there. So instead of talking about what I did well and not-so-well this week, I thought I'd treat you to some funny photos I found when I searched google images for "no more excuses". Some maybe (??) make sense and others are downright confusing!

1. The Bodybuilder

Now this one sorta makes sense, right? Stop making excuses, find some 'roids, and become a gym rat. I get it. It's not me, but to each his own right? (As a medical doctor, I must advise you NOT to use anabolic steroids- they can do bad things, the least of which is causing large man-boobs.)

2. The Baby

I had to think harder about this one. I think they mean something like "don't be a baby, stop making excuses and get the job done" or some such thing. Right? Sorta makes sense.

3. The.....Composter??

I could not for the life of me figure this one out. I had to click on the webpage I got it from and do some reading. Turns out it was an article about starting your own home composting pile and that there is "no excuse" not to do it. (Well, does living in a high rise along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago count as an excuse not to do it? Because that - plus the worms, plus the ugly pile, plus my lack of composting ambition- is my excuse.)

4. The Couple on a CD

I clicked on the webpage. I did some reading. I still have no idea what this has to do w/ excuses. Whatevs. I find it creepy when men don't wear socks in photos.

So, back to the task at hand. My week by the numbers:

Miles run (completed/planned): 32/36
Long run: 0/1
Speed work sessions: 2/2 Speed work completed at goal time: 2/2
Biking miles: 0/10
Swimming sessions: 0/1
: 1/2
Days I Counted Calories: 0/7

Next week:

Monday (day call)
: weights
Tuesday: LT run- 11 miles w/ 6 @ 15K pace
Wednesday: weights, 5 miles outside medium hard
Thursday (overnight call):
5 miles (short, fast intervals- 800 x 200 5K, dec rest/inc speed each time)
Friday (post-call, Xmas eve): rest day
Saturday (Xmas day):
3 miles outside
Sunday: 20 miles, hopefully outside

Merry Xmas, everyone!

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  1. You are such a slacker - I am sure you could find room in your high-rise for that composter, and some worms! Hehehe. And time to make a CD with your man, and get on some 'roids... and we won't even MENTION the baby! :) That's a funny selection of photos.

    Not a bad week, considering it's just before the holidays and everything is CRAZY! Honestly, I'll be glad next week when Christmas is behind us and I can get back on track! Merry Christmas!