Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Case of (Harmless) Medical Error

In clinic a while ago, I had a lovely 80-something year old female patient named Johnnie. She came in with her multiple medical problems, one of which required me to write her out a prescription old school (with pen and paper) instead of using the computer. So I wrote out the script, gave it to her daughter, and moved on to my next patient.

While I'm in the next patient's room, my nurse knocks on the door to tell me I wrote the prescription with the wrong name. Hmm...that's odd. So, I excuse myself, grab the "wrong" script and start to write out the new script. I look at the "wrong" one and see that I wrote it for "Johnnie Walker". Her last name was definitely NOT 'Walker'.

I chuckle to myself and bring out the new, corrected, prescription. I apologize to the patient's daughter as I give her the new prescription. She says "no problem", gives me a big smile and says "Red or Blue Label?"

I don't think she believed me when I stammered out "But I don't even drink whiskey!"

An entertaining moment for all:)

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