Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...the rest of Thanksgiving 2010!

I should be lifting weights, but am just not in the mood. Bad excuse, I know, but I think I've earned myself some alone time. Just me, our Xmas tree, and a glass of Malbec. Oh, and you my loyal readers:)

Best....turkey....ever! His name is/was Willie, he had a wonderful life as a free range turkey in California before making his way to us!

Thanksgiving this year was action packed, fun and relaxing all at the same time. I think what made it so relaxing is the fact that once we arrived at my brother's house, we didn't have to go anywhere else! No jumping from one house to another, no needing to leave at a certain time to get home. Instead we all got to relax at my brother's wonderful house, cooking, eating and drinking at will. Garrett and Jill were excellent hosts and they have a beautiful home that is perfect for lounging and having fun. One thing that I'm learning is that I most enjoy vacations and family time that involve an early happy hour and just hanging out. That's part of the reason the Bass Cottage Inn in Maine was so great- having a comfortable place to just relax is so important!

Cooking the turkey was quite the adventure as the guys used a turkey fryer for the first time. My dad was ready with the fire extinguisher! The final product was really delicious- a combination of a free range bird that was pre-brined, plus the fryer, plus the fact that we undercooked the turkey a bit making it sooo juicy and delicious!

BTW, how long does a turkey have until he knows he is a Thanksgiving turkey? The rest of this life. Ha, ha!

But don't think we just sat around! After Thanksgiving dinner, we got out the bison suits one more time for a spin around the block. In an effort to fit in (though how could we 'fit in' w/ furry hats?) with the small town Southern feel of my brother's town some members of our party carried around their open cans of Bud Light;) Others wore tails. Wait....that doesn't really 'fit in', either....

Other weekend activities included...

Frisbee Golf. Almost as much fun as real golf and definitely more family friendly. I frisbee golf pretty much the way I golf golf- straight, short drives generally on the fairway or just a little off and usually 1-2 over par.

Mom and Gwyn fetching an off-course frisbee. Must have been thrown by one of the guys:)

Garrett teeing off.

Nice picture of Jill and Gwyn. I was playing around with my camera settings so it's all black and white except for the trees and the frisbee.

Most of the family cornering the hole (or net? what the heck is it called in frisbee golf, anyway??)

Next up...Wii!

Adam and Gwyn playing tennis.

We also played Rock Band, but I was too busy playing to get pictures. I LOVE Rock Band. I definitely can't get a Wii because I would become addicted quickly. I think it would be fun if they had rock band but you could hook it up to your real instrument somehow. I could rock out my clarinet (I know you are all laughing, and I am not offended). I think they should be able to make a game like that with the motion sensor technology they have currently.

Some folks even did push-ups! I have a very active family:)

And some R & R in the hot tub. 70 degrees and sunny. Love it!

Well, that was my Thanksgiving! Thanks again to Jill, Garrett, and Gwyn for hosting us. I can honestly say it was one of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! You know, if your family likes the Wii, they should really find a store with a Kinect demo. It is sooo much fun!