Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Work-out Wrap-up

And that I did! I know an 8 minute mile isn't all that fast. But it's a first for me and I'm proud. I'm even more proud that later in the week, I pulled off a 7:49 mile. Yippee!

I'm happy to say I got my behind in the pool not once, but twice, this week. I mostly futzed around without much of a plan, but I was able to swim with my head under water with bilateral breathing which is still pretty new for me!

Because I had way too much to take care of around the house-errands and such-I wasn't able to fit in my 20 mile long run on my one and only day off this week. My overall mileage for the week was much lower than I would like. But I got 2 new pairs of running shoes (details to follow) so that's a win, right?

By the numbers:

Miles run (completed/planned): 16/31
Days of Week I Ran: 7/7
Long run:
Speed work/tempo: 2/2 Speed work completed at goal time: 2/2
Hill Work: 1
Biking sessions: 0/2
Swimming sessions: 2/2
Weights: 0/2
Days I Ate Healthfully and Sparingly: Umm..healthy? What's that? I had a hint of lime tostidoes attack ;(

Next Week:

Monday: 2 x 1200m @ 7:35, 4 x 800m @ faster, all w/ 200 m RI
Tuesday: swim, weights
Wednesday (day off): 20 miles @ 9:50
Thursday (long call): swim
Friday: 6 miles with 4 @ 8:30, spinning or bike hill intervals (30 min)
Saturday: weights (30 min), bike (30 min)
Sunday (overnight call): swim

I will be so much happier once my 3 overnight calls are in the past. I hate, hate, hate 30 hour shifts especially with the constant stress of crashing patients at any second. Thumbs down.

Quick question for ya'll: What pace do you do your recovery jog/walks at?? Do you think it matters?


  1. I am pretty bad at doing recovery runs. I try to keep it over a 9min/ mile but that rarely happens.
    Congrats on the speedy run!

  2. Nice job! Overnight work sounds tough indeed.

    As for recovery, I have been walking with some SLOW jogging (like 13 min pace) if I can. I have been wondering about pace for that too and the RLRF doesn't specify so I would guess it's whatever you can do to make sure you are able to complete the next interval, no?

  3. In college we focused on our heart rate during recovery rather than a specific pace. Always making sure it was getting below 150 before the next interval, but also trying to keep it in the 120-150 range. I not nearly as good at this now being I'm doing most of my workouts alone so I slack, but I wish I was!

  4. awesome week! i do my recovery runs at 1-2 mins slower than anything else i do all week. usually because it's the fastest i can go. :)

  5. Nice job Val. A sub-7 mile is just around the corner