Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bizzard '11

I've mentioned before that Bike the Drive is one of my favorite days of the year. Well, today topped it. Today was the Chicago Blizzard of 2011.

Bike the Drive is a day in May when Lake Shore Drive (aka, LSD, the main 8 lane road that goes north/south in Chicago, right along the lake) closes down for a few hours to cars and opens only to bikers! I love this day because downtown is QUIET, there is FRESH AIR, and the focus is on ACTIVITY! Well, today was just like that. As I'm sure many of you heard on the news, LSD closed last night around 8 pm because of this:

(from Chicago Tribune, 2/1/11)

As of 4pm, it is still closed because of this:

Corner of LSD and Monroe. There were piles like this all up and down LSD!

Huge piles of snow all along the drive! As soon as I saw the pile I broke out in a grin, as did all the other adults around me. We were so excited, laughing, running to the top of pile, slip-sliding back down, taking pictures. It was so, so fun! Such a festive feel!

After playing on the hill, I skied around Grant and Millennium Parks. It was so fun! So many folks were taking pictures of me. Some asked permission, some didn't. I guess they found it funny to see someone on skis downtown? Keep a lookout for someone who looks like this:

Maybe I'll make it the Chicago Tribune:)

I ended up seeing 3 other skiers and 1 snowshoer. A few runners, as well. It's not that often that you can run directly on LSD!

I am so, so glad we got back from Hawai'i in time for this storm. I've never seen anything like it and there is a good chance I never will again. More pics:

I hope everyone stayed safe and had fun! And if you are a local waiting for LSD to open, based on the remaining piles I can see, I'd say 6 pm at the earliest!

For some GREAT photos from the Tribune, click here.

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  1. Awesome pics! That is so crazy about LSD!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!