Friday, February 18, 2011

Henri: Our Valentine's Day Gift to Ourselves

Instead of doing gifts, Adam and I have a nice dinner out each year for Valentine's Day. It's a way to guarantee we'll have time together because with our schedules there are many weeks that go by where we don't eat a single meal together (sad face). We choose Henri for this year's dinner. Henri is owned by the same folks who own The Gage. Both are on S Michigan Ave right across the street from Millennium Park. While The Gage is a high-end gastropub (super tasty, super cute, worth checking out), Henri is French/American fine dining.

To accommodate my early bedtime, we made reservations for 5:30pm. I was surprised by how many people were already there! Within 1/2 hour the place was full of well dressed dates and double dates, most looking very comfortable around each other but also a few couples in that we-just-started-dating-so-V-day-hype-has-made-us-nervous phase.

Adam and I met there which I think is so much fun, just like a real date:)

I started off with a glass of 2008 Chateau Couronneau Bordeaux which was a nice blend of Merlot, Cab Sauv and Cab Franc. A nice, generous, tasty pour. We then started with the Torchon of Foie Gras and Veal Sweetbreads. I know, I know, I have some guilt every time I have foie gras gras but it's so good! It wasn't as good as the foie gras from L20, but it was very good. The sweetbreads were a little saltier than I like, but still good w/ nice texture.

For our 2nd course, we split the celery root soup. It was AMAZING! Loved it. Wished I had more!

Dinner for Adam was the Cassoulet Henri and I had the special, the Wild Texas Boar. I forgot how tasty boar is! Tastes a bit like bacon, and who doesn't love bacon!?! The garnishes were great as well.

For dessert we had Fruit au Creme which included kiwi, blood orange, and grapefruit. Yum! And not too heavy. I left feeling full but not stuffed, which is perfect!

I give Henri an 'A'. The food was great. The service was top notch. I would call the ambiance "traditional sophistication". Old chandeliers, dark velvet walls, with a simple white and Tiffany blue color scheme to keep the place bright. I really enjoyed it and certainly recommend it.

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