Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Work-out Wrap-up

What do I need to do to get myself into one of these:

I don't know, but I better figure it out. I know that part of the reason I haven't been swimming is that I don't have a goal triathlon picked out. I have a list of local, good beginning triathlons, but I don't have my work schedule past the end of June so I really can't plan. Without a goal, it's tough to get myself in the pool. I need a swift kick in the pants, preferably while next to a pool so I fall into it against my will. Then I'll swim.

Otherwise, for a week that started out rough with a lack of motivation, I held it together decently. I had a great long run and I did do a full hour of weights. And I biked, but only once. At least I'm back in the habit of getting up at 4:30. That should serve me well this week.

By the numbers:

Miles run (completed/planned): 27/28
Days of Week I Ran: 7/7
Long run:
Speed work/tempo: 1/2 Speed work completed at goal time: 1/1
Hill Work: 0/0 (think I'll start working these into my daily miles)
Biking sessions: 1/2
Swimming sessions: 0/1
: 2/2
Days I Ate Healthfully and Sparingly: 2/7 (better start paying attention to this....starting Tuesday, because tomorrow I'm going out to dinner w/ the girls!)

Main goal for this week: get in the pool!!

Monday (dinner plans): 6 miles with 4 @ 8:45, hills on w/u and c/d
Tuesday: swim
Wednesday (long call): 3 x 1600m @ 8 min pace w/ 1 min RI
Thursday: weights (new routine), swim
Friday: weights, spinning class (5:45pm)
Saturday (day off): 20 miles @ 10:00 pace
Sunday (long call): bike hill intervals (30 min)

Once again, I look at the paces for the speedwork and tempo runs and think 'how the heck am I going to pull that off'? This "Run Less, Run Faster" plan is something serious. The work-outs seem overwhelming but w/ only 3 a week it's possible to be physically and emotionally prepared for them. But you really shouldn't plan on doing two of them in a row! Rest days imperative!


  1. I am looking forward to reading about your running less program. the speed work does look hard but I'm confident you'll pull it off

  2. Phew! That is quite a week coming up - 20 miles! You can do it! Anyone who can meet you at the pool to make it more fun?

  3. hey, great week! looking forward to seeing how you do on run less!