Saturday, January 12, 2013

Year in Review 2012....besides running

Before we get too far into 2013, here are some of my favorite memories from 2012.

January: My birthday. It was a good one. We walked over to GT Fish and Oyster for a marvelous oyster, clam chowder and clam feast. Next we explored the city on foot in the cold, snowy weather, plenty warm from the delicious Sauvignon Blanc I'd had more than my fair share of at dinner:)

February: I took a two-week vacation in February- one week with Adam and my Dad in Yellowstone to ski and one week with Sara in Mexico to sun. Perfect

Right before they stampeded right in front of us!

Me and Dad

Sara and I on our balcony

March? April? I guess I was so busy becoming an Oncologist that I didn't have time to play! Good thing I like my job or I'd consider that a life failure. But I had/have sooo much to learn, it's probably okay that I fell off the face of the earth for a couple months!

May: Grandma's birthday

Mom, Dad, Grandma, me and Adam on the Milwaukee RiverWalk.

Happy, happy birthday!

June- uh-oh. Another month came and went and I can't remember what I was up to!

July: My former roommate and maid-of-honor, Tamara came to town! It was so great to see her- it had literally been years since our last reunion!

August: Our 9th Wedding Anniversary! And my first triathlon!

Outside Bridgehouse Tavern

Resting after almost kayaking:)

Me and Sara, triumphant (and tan!) triathletes!

September: Learning about babybison! We found out on September 3rd.

October: Fall golfing with my folks prior to our dinner and the great babybison reveal!

At South Shore golf course

November: Outer Banks vacation with family

December: Christmas! Since I just posted a bunch of pics of our Anne of Green Gables Xmas, I'll leave you instead with photos from our last New Year's Eve Celebration as child-free yuppies. We had a nice steak dinner at Three Forks, a steakhouse super-conveniently located in the park right next to our apartment. And we tried to take a baby bump pic, since that seems to be the "thing to do" but not sure how well it turned out. Will make a bigger effort once the bump is, well, bigger!

Happy New Year's!

Babybison at 21 weeks

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