Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lest I Give the Wrong Impression.....

....working out during pregnancy is not easy. My post yesterday might lead you to believe that every day, and every workout, is wine and roses. Well, let me assure you, there is very little wine. Not really many roses, either. I am generally staying upbeat, and certainly like to project an upbeat image on this here blog, but there certainly are challenges. However, I like to find the humor in the challenges and I certainly did today!

I really did not feel like moving my gravid behind off the couch this evening. I had a nice healthy dinner (salad!) and was enjoying The Following pilot on hulu. Adam was gone at a work event (hence the guilty pleasure TV watching) and since I'd been out of town for a week and then had two great work-outs this week I wasn't feeling particularly inclined to do anything physical. However, I obviously had to get my one mile run in so I figured I might as well put my suit on under my running clothes and plop myself in the pool since it's been a couple weeks since I last swam.

Run went fine. Just a mile, but very comfortable. Got into the pool, did a couple slow warm-up laps. Did my usual pregnancy body check- any aches/pains? any weird pulling sensations? No, nothing different than when I'm sitting or laying or working or otherwise NOT physically exerting myself. Arms are sore but that's from prenatal training so actually a good thing. So I carried on.

A few laps later though, I felt a bit odd. The only way I can describe it is that I felt like a pregnant cow. No, I'm not being down on myself for gaining weight. While I don't love having an extra 12ish pounds on board, I know I'm supposed to and I know I don't have complete control over where those pounds go (why on earth my upper legs need to gain weight in order to birth a child I do not know!). But I felt how pregnant cows, or cats, or elephants LOOK when they are pregnant- like they are dragging around  a rolly polly weight in their bellies. Being pregnant feels DIFFERENT when you are laying face down than when you are sitting or laying on your back or side. I didn't notice this until this week because I really hadn't "popped" until this week (week 25). But it felt so WIERD and I couldn't stop thinking about it and I really didn't enjoy the feeling of being similar to a pregnant bovine or feline or definitely not an elephant! I do love bison, but even I have limits to how similar to a bison I wish to feel!

So, I used an excuse to stop exercising that never would have crossed my mind (and hopefully never will again!). I stopped exercising because I literally felt like a pregnant cow.

There's really nothing else to say after that.


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