Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GT Fish & Oyster

After my week of birthday gifts, and a casual but delicious birthday dinner at home of spaghetti and meatballs, we set out for my birthday meal out over the weekend. Adam chose (and I approved) GT Fish & Oyster, a 2012 Chicago Bib Gourmand winner. We realized that we hadn't had a dinner out together in ~ 2 months! Wow, we've been busy.

Our table was the one for two by the window:)
The front room

We got there a bit early so we started with a drink at the bar. I choose a bottle of 2008 Palliser Sauvignon Blanc from Martinborough, NZ. It was the first North Island Sauv Blanc I've ever had and it was amazing! It had the usual fresh, clean, drinkability of the South Island SB's but had an added layer of complexity. Delicious!

Next we had oysters. My shellfish loving husband tried to order 2 dozen (TWO DOZEN!) oysters and I was "that wife" that over-ruled his ordering (look, it had to be done), because I thought we needed to save stomach room for the additional delights on the menu!

GT Fish & Oyster's menu is small plates which is great because it allowed us to try that many more items. Here's what we ended up with:

--Bento: tuna sashimi, octopus and mussels, hamachi. The tuna sashimi was a really stand-out. I highly recommend it!

--Grilled Caesar Salad: romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, oyster crouton

--Clam Chowder: neuske's bacon, house made oyster crackers. THIS WAS INCREDIBLE!! It came out in a jam jar and when they opened the lid table side, the warm, chowdery fumes were the best sensation of the meal. So wonderful. Come here for lunch, for dinner, late night, whatever, just get here for this chowder!!

--Bigoli and Clams: white wine, garlic, red chili

After dinner, I was not completely exhausted for a change (I sure could get used to NOT being sleep deprived!) so we took a walk around Chicago. We did some sight seeing:

And some snow sitting:

And then we had a quick nightcap at Tavern at the Park on our way home. It was a great way to ring in my thirty-x year :)