Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012

I mentioned in the previous post that our daily mile runs were overall my third favorite experience of the trip. What about numbers one and two? Number one took place on Valentine's Day......and had nothing to do with hearts or candy.

We spent all 5 of our days in the park cross-country skiing- either ½ day or full day skis. We then would be sufficiently wiped out that after dinner, early bedtimes were in order for all. But on Valentine’s Day, we headed out on a head-lamp driven post-dark jaunt around Old Faithful.  Since pictures would not do this experience justice, we only took one (above). But the stars! The incredible number of stars! And the total silence! The only noises we heard were the hisses of the steam from the geysers and fumaroles. No animal noises- human or otherwise- whatsoever. Occasionally, a small gust of wind would make its way to us, with us hearing it many seconds before we felt it. I lay on my back in the snow and just stared at the stars. I think the last time I saw that many stars was on a trip to the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota back in college. No significant ambient light for miles and miles. If I could bottle those sights and sounds I might be able to remain a city dweller forever. But since I  can’t, I look forward to living out where the stars and the silence own the night rather than the cars and the city lights……

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