Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Goals Post Update

I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers write 'goals update' posts, fitting since it's 1/2 way through the year. So I'm going to shamelessly copy them:)

Here are my 2011 Goals (original post here) and my progress report for each.

1. Sub 25 minute 5K (current PR 26:19 in very slick, snowy conditions)
--In progress. I'm pretty sure I can do this, I just need to find a small to medium sized 5k (some of the ones in Chicago are so big that you can lose literally minutes ducking and dodging). As my work schedule materializes, I'll get this done.

2. Sub 2 hr half-marathon (current PR 2:00:19)
--In progress. I have no doubt that I can do this. In fact, my 1/2 split for the Rockford Marathon was sub-2. I just need to find a 1/2 marathon that I can complete to make it official. Honestly I'm not sure if this will work out scheduling-wise this year; it's not the highest priority.

3. Sub 4:15 marathon (let's not talk about my current PR, I'm not very proud of it)
--DONE! Woo-hoo! 4:05 and change at Rockford in May. So, I'm going to change this goal to a sub-4:00. This might not happen, but I gotta shoot high, right?

4. Complete marathons in at least 2 new states working towards my 50 marathons in 50 states goal.
--DONE! Hawai'i and Wisconsin.

5. Qualify for Marathon Maniacs (MM).
--DONE! Rockford and Madison in 2 weeks in May. So I met the goal, I qualified. But I decided to not actually join MM. After reviewing the website, I'm not entirely sure what the entry fee goes to beyond the annual meetings at Hooters (which I think is absurd, btw). So I qualified, but I'm not a member.

6. Weights (a challenging routine) 2 times a week.
--Total and utter FAIL. Thus far. But I have 6 months to go so there's still hope. I wish I could find a way to make weights more rewarding and fun.

7. Do 1 triathlon- can be short or long, big or small, just get that first one done!
--FAIL. I kinda wrote this one off, but then I had a good swim work-out where I covered 0.3 miles and I realized I could probably do a sprint tri this summer or fall. Therefore this is still on the table.

Since I berate myself for goals not achieved, it's only fair that give I give myself some 'extra credit' for add'l achievements that weren't on my goals list. For example, today is the 183rd day in a row that I've ran at least 1 mile. 183 days of streaking! I never thought I would do such a thing but I'm doing it and I think it's awesome:)

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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