Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ooops! (Or How I Made Life Harder on Myself!)

In the past week I've made 3 attempts to get in speedwork or a tempo run. I failed twice at the speedwork and once at the tempo. Tonight, I set out to get the speedwork done or bust. I was afraid I would lose all running momentum if I didn't get in a good workout and that was my main motivation for pushing myself hard.

I was a little concerned about why the speedwork seemed so hard in the first place. 5 x1000m @ 7:29 pace should be challenging but not impossible for me based on previous workouts. Have I lost that much fitness? I've been working out pretty consistently, why would I lose fitness??

But tonight was the night. I set the 'mill on 8.2 mph, popped on some new music (Blow by Kesha, Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga and Rolling in the Deep by Adele) and pushed myself. It was tough, tough, tough. The first interval was HARD, the second was tolerable, the third was AWFUL, the fourth pushed me right up to the puke threshold and the fifth? The fifth interval just made me laugh. So I set the treadmill to 8.2 for my 5th interval and I see 7:18 min/mile. What????? I was supposed to be doing 7:29 min/miles!!! How did I do 4 intervals 11s per mile TOO FAST???

So what did I do? I wasted some oxygen laughing out loud at myself and finished the 5th interval at 7:18 pace. Whew!

Well, I guess I'm back on track. No fitness lost here, folks. Maybe just some brain cells:)

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  1. Ha nice work!! That isn't a bad problem to have you know, running too fast a mile :)