Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelorette Par-tay!

A few weeks ago, my dear dear dear friend Bonnie had her final celebration as a single woman here in Chi-town- her Bachelorette party!! The weekend was perfect- a great representation of Bonnie as a person. The activities were diverse from high tea to a sweaty run to spa night to late night drinking. And that's Bonnie, always up to something, always up for anything, never sitting still. I so enjoyed meeting her friends from undergrad. They are a great group of girls. And of course her wonderful sisters: Sabrina who I've loved spending time with over the past few years and her older sister who I met for the first time.

The weekend started w/ Lou Malnati's pizza at the hotel. It was a relaxing and fun way for everyone to get to know each other. The next morning, most of the ladies got spa treatments and massages. Bonnie (aka I-can't-sit-still-even-after-a-relaxing-massage) and Sabrina joined me for a run right after their massage which was so great. Bonnie was my first ever running partner. I love running with her. As an example, when Bonnie sent me an email w/ the subject line "Marathon?" before I even read the rest, I thought to myself "sure, why not?".  Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when, I'm in!

Our private room for tea at the Four Seasons

Next up after the run... high tea! Many of the nice hotels downtown offer high tea complete w/ finger foods, biscuits and high heels. It's really fun to get all gussied up and spend time getting pampered in the middle of the day. I've been to high tea at many places including The Drake, The Peninsula, and The Four Seasons. My favorite tea w/ a group, like at the B-party, is at The Four Seasons. They put us in a beautiful private room. My favorite for a smaller group (2-4) is The Peninsula; with the 2 story floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall ceiling windows, the natural light can't be beat.

A timer was provided to help steep the tea perfectly.

Delicious finger food, esp after a run!

The dessert tower in all its glory!

After tea, we headed down to Millennium Park to hear the orchestra play w/ wine and even more tasty snacks. What a perfect day and night!

Thanks to the ladies who planned this amazing weekend! And to my wonderful friend, Bonnie! I can't wait for the wedding!!!

The girls! The bride-to-be is right in the middle:)
(Thanks to LVW for the last picture.)

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