Monday, July 4, 2011

I Am Thankful For Eyebrows

I've started my own little 4th of July tradition of doing a long run in the morning before heading to our afternoon BBQ. Usually I have the day off (though not always), the path is a bit less crowded than the weekend, and I can build a calorie debt to be deliciously filled later in the day.

It was a hot one- 80 degrees w/ 50% humidity. Not unbearable, actually quite nice in the shade, but the long open stretches were brutal! So I made a mental list of the things I was thankful for, things that helped me deal w/ the heat. And the first thing I thought of was eyebrows. Thank god for eyebrows! Without them, the gallons and gallons of sweat that poured from my head over the past 2.5 hours would all be in my eyes! I've definitely not given my eyebrows the credit they deserve. I usually find them to be pretty annoying because they require me to go through the painful process of getting them threaded every month or so to keep them shapely. I'll try to respect them more in the future;)

The run went pretty well. My goal was 17 miles near 9:40 pace w/ no walking and I came pretty close to achieving just that. I took 2 short (<20s) walk breaks after mile 14, which I'm okay with. I ran 17.16 in 2:41:43 for an overall pace of 9:25. Slowest mile was 9:58, fastest was 8:55 and the vast majority were b/t 9:15-9:30.

Okay, I'm off to eat my weight in hot dogs!

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