Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding...with no pics or identifying info, I promise!!

My dear Aunt ****** got married in Madison this
weekend. We were given strict instructions to not post any pictures of the bride and groom on Facebook, Blogs, or the web at large, which I of course will comply with, however, there were many great family pics that I can post.

The wedding was just perfect. They got married in the Madison capital building. It was short and sweet with a nice reception at a local Irish pub afterward. I really enjoy weddings of all types. From the 500 attendee 3 day wedding extravaganza of my dear friends Deepa and Rob (see pic below), to the quick, beautiful, but wind-blown ceremony of my brother, Garrett, and my sister-in-law Jill (also pic below), they are all wonderful in their own ways. I've heard that a sign of a good marriage is that the two parties enjoy attending the weddings of others, as it reminds them of their wedding and all the great things about their marriage, and they are still full of optimism for the future. I think this is certainly true for Adam and I.

On to the pictures. The first pic above was supposed to be a re-creation of a photo from 10 years ago. My cousin, Karin, is on the left and my cousin, Anna-Lisa, on the right. In the original photo, Karin had her head on my shoulder and A-L was snuggled in close but either they don't like me as much anymore or we are creeped out by re-creating a photo from over a decade ago thus we went for a more traditional pose;)
Adam and I.

My parents and I. Besides my ridiculous tan lines, this is a really great photo. Always good to get good photos with the fam.

Me with my Grandma and Grandpa Monson. Both of my grandparents are rock stars. My Grandma is always so knowledgable about Chicago current events and my Grandpa, who is well past 90 years old, is so active- he went on a 2 mile hike with my cousin Karin over the weekend!

Just for fun, here are some random pics from weddings past:

From left to right: Garrett and Jill, Deepa and Rob, Val and Adam

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