Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rockford's Shortest Running Race

A while back, my mom sent me an article clipping titled "Endurance not needed for Parkinsons' benefit" from the May 30, 2009 Rockford Register Star. The article reads:

Can't do a marathon? Consider the city's shortest charity run.

Gordon Ferguson Yackle's second annual 0.10K Run Against Parkinson's starts at 10:30 am June 5 at Capri restaurant, 313 E State St.

The run -it works out to 328.1 feet- benefits the Rockford Area Onset Parkinson's Group, Rockford Parkinson's Group, and the Wisconsin Parkinson's Assocation. The inaugural run raised about $5,100.

My mom endearingly attached a post-it to the clipping that said "Hey! Here is a race I could run!". I found that particularly funny because my mom undoubtedly is more active than I am, and I consider myself a pretty active person. Between playing tennis, golfing, and her newest active pursuit of running I don't think I could keep up with her if I tried! I'm particularly impressed that my mom has started running- I don't know many women over 50 who just decide one day to be runners, but she's done just that and I am very excited to run her first 5K (sorry, not a 0.10K!) with her and my Aunt Kelly later this summer!

Ah, writing this makes me want to get out there and run!

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