Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawks Win!!

Was about to go to sleep when the city all of a sudden got really loud with screaming and airhorns and honking and fireworks. Knew it could only be one thing--> Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!! First time in 49 years. I love Chicago sports! Though I haven't seen a single Hawks game this season I still was well aware of the highlights of every game and heard airhorns for every Hawks point scored in the past 6 games, just because I live downtown. Which is awesome. Truly, no city has better sports fans than good ol' Chicago!

(Gotta say though, and this will make my brother groan, that I wish they would get rid of the caricature of the Native American on their uniforms, logos, etc. Racial stereotypes should have no place on the jersey of any sports team. Keep the name Blackhawks but lose the racist logo. Please!)

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