Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

This has been an extraordinary weekend. Yesterday, I attended a baby shower for my good friend, Sandra, whom I met in medical school at U of C. Her and Loren (her husband, also a U of C med school grad) are some of the kindest people I know. Adam and I attended their wedding a couple years ago, which was beautiful, fun, and full of love. They are expecting their first child, a baby girl, this Fall.

The shower was wonderful. Sandra has some really fun aunties and her mother and mother-in-law are both wonderful ladies. And it was good to meet some of her other friends from childhood up to her current Loyola colleagues. As an extra wonderful bonus, our dear friend Deepa was able to make it to the shower from Baltimore. It's very rare that we get to all see each other these days so it was very special for us to hang out one last time before Sandra and Loren move to Pittsburgh.

Then, on the drive home from the baby shower, I got some super exciting news. One of my very closest friends (also from med school) got engaged! And I LOVE her fiance! We are all pictured to the right on a visit Adam and I took to see them in Denver (their current home) last summer. I can't even express how important Bonnie's friendship has been to me over the past few years and I've been so happy to share in her excitement as she met, dated, moved in with and now got engaged to David. I'm just thrilled that she's so happy and as a bonus, Adam and I both think that David is the bee's knees (when's the last time you heard that phrase? Like it!). It's so important to really get along with your close friends' significant others. I think that is one of the most important factors in keeping friendships strong over the years.

Bonnie and I

And lastly, today I got to have brunch with Deepa (saw her twice in one weekend, yea!) and Trang (a fourth med school friend) at Gemini Bistro in Lincoln Park. We sat outside, sipping bellinis, and enjoying the beautiful 73 degree sunshine. It started pouring just as we took our last bites (and, now 30 minutes later, it's perfectly sunny again!) so I don't have any pictures of us- we were too rushed to get inside, but it was a wonderful to see them and chat and plan future group vacations because we really don't see each other enough anymore;(

And lastly, a quick shout-out to Mara, a 5th med school buddy, who's birthday is today. You were with us in spirit all weekend!

How I miss and love my med school girls!

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  1. Val, I love that you have a blog and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It meant so much having you there!!