Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well, folks, there's no denying it......

1.  ......I'm pregnant! Like random people stop to congratulate me because I'm so clearly pregnant, pregnant. This is kinda fun! And I'm really loving working out while pregnant now that it's clear that I'm not just strangely fat in my belly. I especially love running faster than the non-pregnant folks next to me at the gym:)

"I guess I'm pregnant!" (30 weeks)

2........We're getting baby ready. With both the fun stuff (we gave the BOB Ironman a test spin last weekend and it is AWESOME!) and the really boring stuff (read: carseat), we're preparing to be 100% baby ready by April 10th, exactly 1 month before our due date...just in case. Occasionally Adam reminds babybison not to come any earlier than her due date. Wonder if she'll listen?

Don't worry- we got one that will match my first baby, Elly.

3........One day we'll have a toddler.....and then a full blown kid! This didn't fully occur to me until my daycare tour today. We're lucky to have an amazing daycare 1 block from my job that's almost all populated by Northwestern doctors' and nurses' kids. Looking at the newborns didn't surprise me. But then looking at these "big kids", the two year olds, the four year olds, WOW! One day we'll have one of those!

It's strange how reality sets in in discrete jumps!

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