Saturday, February 16, 2013

Babybison, Your Dad's an Inspiration

On top of long hours at work and being a father-to-be extraordinaire cooking and foot-massaging up a storm, Adam recently set a crazily ambitious fitness goal for himself - run 3 miles daily in 2013. Now you may remember, he was the one who initiated our one mile a day goal that we started back in December 2010. I jumped right on board with that one and am so glad I did (and going strong over 2 years later)! But this time, being pregnant and all, I thought it best to let Adam one-up me on this one and while I've been doing my best to continue exercise, running 3 miles a day would be a stretch. But I'm so amazed and proud that he's been able to keep this up!

Unfortunately, Adam has recently had the misfortune of catching nearly every bug that's crossed his path. So far in 2013 he's had one bad cold that lasted weeks (or maybe it was two colds) and during Valentine's Day dinner he came down with viral gastroenteritis. Pretty severe. So severe he couldn't get through my (albeit) verbose Valentine's Day card without a restroom break let alone dinner. Poor guy. After being up all night Friday sick and still unable to eat or drink, he set out to do his 3 miles yesterday afternoon. I couldn't believe it. He hadn't been vertical for 10 minutes yet let alone exerted himself in the vertical position! And he was clearly so, so dehydrated!

But, much to my amazement, he did it. He asked me to join him in the gym in case he fell because he didn't feel very steady. Not sure I would have been fast or strong enough to catch him if he went down, but I of course accompanied him, at least for moral support. And he got through those three miles. He did it! One of the hardest things about completing the daily mile is doing it sick, but 3 miles?!? Absolutely inspirational. And, Adam doesn't know this, but I was planning on taking yesterday as a rest day- I was only going to run 1 mile and nothing else. But obviously in the face of such heroic acts, I couldn't merely run a mile! So I pulled out 4 (slow) miles, with all my motivation coming directly from the very ill man next to me who I am lucky enough to call my husband!

Babybison, you are going to have such an amazing role model for a Dad. I can't wait for you to meet him!

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