Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's Next: Lake Geneva Sprint Triathlon

The Lake Geneva Sprint Tri, aka my redemption race, is in 2.5 weeks. Even as I was finishing my first triathlon on Sunday I knew I needed to find another race to overcome my issues with the swim. I can't be a 'sensitive swimmer' forever- I must toughen up! So today I signed up for Lake Geneva. I was kinda hoping it'd be a small enough race that there wouldn't be a wave start but nope, it's a wave start. Oh well, I need to learn to deal with it sometime!

My covert plan was to consider doing a 70.3 in October if the Chicago Tri went well. While I did have a good race experience, I would not say it went well given the swim. So I don't think I can be ready for a 1.2 mile open water swim in just 8 weeks. So I've tabled that for now but I plan to continue along on the half-Ironman training schedule, anyway because half-Ironman tryout week went pretty well. So after yesterday's rest day (1 mile run), I'm ready to jump in again!

This week's plan:

Tuesday: 3 mile run, leisurely 'bonus' swim
Wednesday: 17 mile run or 1.5 hour bike ride, PM swim training class
Thursday: mix makers speed work, spinning
Friday: 2150 pool, yoga video
Saturday: 17 mile run or 1.5 hour bike ride, 1900 pool
Sunday: 1 mile run

Eating: Caloric goal 1510 daily, 200-300 more if exercise for >3 hrs

Other: Buy a wetsuit (check!), Register for Lake Geneva (check!)

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