Saturday, August 25, 2012

Date Night Success: South Shore Golf Course

As I mentioned in our 9th anniversary post, Adam and I committed to weekly (or as close to it as possible given we are hard working yuppies) date nights. We started off with a Friday night golf date. After a swim lesson, a short bike ride while watching the Air Show practice and a 1 mile run I was ready for a nice relaxing round of golf.

I love golf. I really do. I'm not particularly good at it, in part because I play so infrequently. But golf is basically mandatory, stop and smell the flowers time. It involves being outside with people you care about (I mostly golf with my husband and my parents) or by oneself which has some benefits as well, walking around and playing a game that demands nearly 100% of your focus. It's hard to think about work while you're golfing. There's so much going on between your shots and your fellow players shots, and choosing the right club and placing your bag in the right place that there's not much room for other thoughts. Which is perfect! Mandatory relaxation.

And the feeling of a well struck shot can carry you through an otherwise mediocre 9 or 18 holes of golf. That perfectly struck 5 iron. That beautiful drive that runs and runs and stays on the fairway. That pitch shot that lands on the green. I love those shots. I'll take tens of bad shots for a perfect iron shot. Of course it'd be awesome if my good shot to bad shot ratio would increase, but hey I'm not picky.

So, Adam and I went golfing. Near our home their are three main course options: the South Shore and Sydney Marovitz nine hole courses and the Jackson Park 18 hole course. Given we would be sneaking in a few holes after work we went with the 9 holes at South Shore. I really like this course. Yes it's a public course in Chicago so there are more divets than one would like and the course play is a bit slower than it should be (sometimes WAY slower than it should be- we only got in 7 holes in 2 hours due to some slow folks ahead of us who don't know golf etiquette), but the course has some great perks. Four of the holes are directly along the lake and you can hear the waves crashing on the shore, which I just love. There is a putting and short game practice area right on the water as well.

The course is located at the South Shore Cultural Center which houses special events. It is a beautiful, old property that used to be the South Shore Country Club founded back in 1905. Now it is home to a beach, a short- game practice area, a 9 hole course, a meeting place for cyclists and and a great location for events such as weddings and other social gatherings. If you are a Chicagoan I definitely recommend checking it out!

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  1. How sweet of both of you to spend your anniversary celebration playing golf with each other. And I agree with you; one good thing about playing golf is it can help build relationships. While paying golf, you have a chance to talk with each other and discuss things about life. The time you spend with each other can definitely strengthen the bonds between the two of you. That is primarily why golf is considered a friendly sport: because you can enjoy each other’s company while competing.

    @Doug Dillenbeck