Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Things Thursday, LMFAO edition

1. Speedwork today went well. I did a fun work-out I saw in Runner's World, just to mix it up a bit:

1 mile w/u, 1200m @ 8.3 mph (mile pace)
1 min rest
1600 m @ 7.1 mph (tempo)
5 x 60 second hills ( I chose 6.5 mph, 5% grade), w/ 30 s rests
1600m @ 7.1 mph
1 min rest
1200m @ 8.2, w/ last 400 up to 8.3 mph. 

I was feeling so good in the middle section that I didn't want to stop to change my music so I listened to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It on repeat. For about 30 minutes That was interesting. At least they have good beats!

2. There has been a security/bodyguard/man-dressed-in-a-suit-with-an-earpiece in my building's gym the past few times I've been there. I can't for the life of me figure out who the famous person is that warrants security. Since I worked out for nearly an hour, eventually a skinny, short white young man left after his work-out with the body guard. Still have no idea who he was. He really can't be that famous if I can't place him, can he? I know I don't pay that much attention to pop culture but still.

3. I've received flack from a few people recently who wonder how I have time to have a blog. Some people wonder admiringly ("wow, it's amazing how much you get done"). I appreciate that, that's a compliment.  But these other folks have been wondering disdainfully, one even said to me "you must not be working that hard if you have time for a blog". Here's what I say to that. First of all, my blog posts were few and far between last year, indicating that I truly was at the absolute max in terms of working. But to me, that is working TOO MUCH. I don't want to have so little free time that I don't get enough sleep, exercise or breathing room to do the things in life I enjoy. 

Things have improved this year. For example, today I was at work by 7, finished at 4:30 (which is early), exercised for 2 hours and now am sitting down to dinner. This was a good, balanced day. They aren't all this good. I still plan to work 2 weekends a month and at least 50 hours a week. I would argue this is still more work than 90% of the population (be honest, do YOU work that much?). But I spend my free time exercising, occasionally hanging out with friends and family (though really not all that much since few live in town besides my wonderful husband) and blogging. I don't really watch TV unless I'm doing it while I blog, I don't follow sports (except the Olympics), I don't play video games, I rarely go out to bars. I don't shop or pay a lot of attention to hair or make-up (I probably should!). I like to have a creative outlet. And while my blog may not be super creative, I enjoy having a place to write about whatever comes to mind. Also, I find writing about running, swimming and biking to be motivating; it helps me to stay accountable when my goals are made public. And, finally, I have a terrible memory, so this is a great way to document my life so I don't forget! Just had to get that off my chest.

Btw, this post took all of 10 minutes. The time it takes many women to blow dry their hair (which I rarely do) or men to check (which I NEVER do). Or vice versa. To each their own!

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