Thursday, August 16, 2012


For two years in a row now, Adam and I have been able to see Coldplay as part of our wedding anniversary celebration. But this time, WE WERE IN THE FRONT!! I knew it was going to be awesome and it was everything I hoped it was going to be.

I was first introduced to Coldplay by my brother. Back in college in the '90s (yeah, I'm old), the only access I had to music was ready bad radio stations in Champaign, Illinois, random CD purchases where you buy an album and hope for the best and my little brother. The latter was definitely the most reliable. The situation got even worse when I moved to rural Mississippi. You can imagine the music choices there:)

So I owe thanks to Garrett for sending me a burned album of Coldplay Parachutes years and years ago. My love for Coldplay has only grown over the years. They are great to run to, great to work to, great to rock out to with the top down in the convertible. Great to sing along to. And they are fantastic performers, really great. Chris Martin is a typical rock star in the best sense. Sweaty, jumping around, working the crowd, a true performer. We saw them last year at Lollapalooza and they were absolutely amazing. One of the few groups I'd be willing to deal with the unwashed masses of Lolla youngsters for.

But last Wednesday night, we didn't even have to that. We had a leisurely dinner with some friends and - due to insider information- made our way over the the concert arriving exactly 5 minutes before the show started (which was 1.5 hours later than the posted time). And we were in the 2nd row. THE 2ND ROW...FROM THE STAGE! The whole concert experience made me feel like a teenager. In a good way. I was screaming, I was dancing, I was so excited and I just couldn't stop smiling. The show would have been great no matter the seats but being right in front, not straining to see, not wishing I had binoculars, was so absolutely incredible.

I remember being in high school going to concerts staring at the folks in the front rows wondering if they really appreciated being there. Did they enjoy it enough to really deserve those seats? Sometimes, front seats would be empty! I could never understand that. But I can say with 100% certainly, that I enjoyed those seats as much as anyone could. I can't remember the last time I was so excited!!!

The show was great. The special effects were really fun- lot's of confetti, the usual light shows. Everyone got wrist bands that lit up to the beat of the music during certain songs, creating an absolute stunning display in the cavernous space of the United Center. They played all the key songs. Let's face it, almost all their songs are key songs. For one of their encores, they placed themselves in a back corner of the stadium which was great- folks who had mediocre seats suddenly were so close to Chris Martin that they could touch him. That was really cool.

I can't thank Todd enough for remembering my love for Coldplay and essentially getting Adam and I such an amazing 9th wedding anniversary present. He had no idea it was our 9th wedding anniversary, but sure enough, Coldplay night was our 9th anniversary eve which made the night all the more special. Thanks, Todd!

Me, Adam's left arm and Chris Martin. :)


  1. That's awesome! I absolutely LOVE Coldplay! Their music (like you mentioned) is so versatile and just puts me in a happy place. I was able to see them (with great seats) on their Viva La Vida tour a few years ago and was sad that they didn't come to my city this year. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Wow! That is awesome. I love Coldplay and was bummed to not get tickets. Glad you had a great time.