Sunday, November 27, 2011

2nd Annual Bison Family Turkey Trot

I am proud to say that for the second year in a row the majority of my immediate family members participated in the Bison Family Turkey Trot! While I knew there was no way this way would top last year's celebratory trot, I still wanted to do my part and get a run in! So as soon as we found out I'd have Thanksgiving off, Adam and I signed up for the Lincoln Park Turkey Trot 8k. I wore my "HappyThanksgiving2007!" shirt from a Rockford Turkey Trot a few years back and let me tell you, I understand why folks don't run in cotton. I was somehow hot AND cold the whole run!

Overall it was a good run, but nothing special to report. It was a very crowded course- no big PRs here (though I did technically get a PR but only because my last 8K was years ago)- but I expected that. Adam and I ran together at a nice easy pace for the first 3 miles, but just before mile 4 he informed me that when we got back on the wider street he was going to speed up. I gotta say, I wasn't excited about that. I was planning on this being a fun run, not a race, but there's no way I could let Adam run ahead without making some kind of effort to keep up!

As promised, at Mile 4, he took off like a bolt of lightening. Ugh. I let him go for a few seconds, then joined in the fun. Fun is the wrong word. The last 2 miles were anything but fun. Well, Adam says he had fun but we ran waayy faster than was comfortable for me. Anyway I'll spare you the gory details about the right side of my brain throbbing (I'm thinking due to lack of oxygen) and my surefire way to get people to move out of your path by breathing like you are about to die (I think I was). In the end we finished 20 seconds apart. I forgot my Garmin so I have no idea what kind of splits we had for the last 2 miles- probably sub-8 minutes based on how bad I felt.

And don't worry, I didn't forget the bison!

Later in the day, I was happily surprised to learn that my parents participated in the Bison Family Turkey Trot as well even though they were far away in North Carolina. They went for a run with my niece on the bike. I was very happy to hear that. I think we've got a strong tradition started. Maybe next year we'll get some matching T shirts, make it a real event:)

While I don't have a picture of the formal run my family did, I do have this great shot of my Dad chasing my niece playing football. What a great shot! I think she's going to be a runner:) No pressure, G:)

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day!

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