Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recipe for a Great Long Weekend

  • 1 dear friend, imported from California
    • 1 supportive husband who enjoys quality time with my friends
    • 5 bottles of red wine (Syrah and Zin are best)

      • 3 games of bowling with new friends (the kind with retro music from the 90's are best)

        • 1 tasty French-Mexican fusion meal at Mexique
        • 1 game of 'Celebrity' with old and new friends at The Happy Village
        • 1 bag of White Cheddar Cheez-Its
        • Tons of laughs
        • 15 hours of work (a necessary evil)
        • 1 jazz and champagne brunch with a Boston import

          • 103 minutes of Stick-it

            • Roughly 2 hours too few of sleep each night
            •  4 naps to make up for the above
            • 2 amazing homemade meals from Chef Adam including the famous Skillet Cheese Toast!

              Instructions: Joyously celebrate the arrival of the California import. Start off with a quick run (the FAST one) followed by a glass of wine and some laughs. Next, leisurely enjoy the meal at Mexique. Mix in a dash of work. Next, mix in the bowling and the game of celebrity at The Happy Village. Keep laughing until you can't laugh anymore. Consume the Cheez-its. Stay awake until you absolutely can't keep your eyes open anymore.  Sleep in and then meet the Boston import for brunch. Nap again. Enjoy both homemade meals from Chef Adam, best if consumed on the couch while watching Stick-it. A dash more of work. Another run. And then the West Town tavern meal. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Finally, sprinkle the bottles of wine throughout the weekend. Enjoy!


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