Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Optimistic Bathroom Door

This is the back of my bathroom door. Swimsuit, swimming coverall, another swimsuit. When was the last time I swam? Might have been in 2010. At least not since last spring. But do I put my swimsuit(s) away in a more logical place like a closet or drawer? No. Because I know one day I will get into swimming because one day I will do an Ironman. It's just that today is not that day. And tomorrow probably isn't either. But one day I will work less than 10 hours a day, less than 6 days a week and I will swim. And leaving my suits hanging on that door where I see them every time I leave the bathroom makes me look forward to that day and reminds me that it is coming soon. Who knew a little hook on a nondescript bathroom door could be so motivational?

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