Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last weekend, Adam and I did something we very rarely do- we went to brunch! Usually weekend mornings are spent working, running, or visiting family and friends but since we didn't need to do any of those 3 things, we instead decided to do what most yuppies in Chicago do best, which is eat.

While almost every restaurant in Chicago offers weekend brunch, there are only 10 or so that are worth the caloric splurge. And I think Wishbone is one of the them. Wishbone describes itself as "Southern Reconstruction Cooking". I'm not really sure what that means so I'll quote their website:

"To some this may suggest yankee carpetbaggers preaching hominy....but to us it was a way of presenting the cooking we grew up with- without the 'Bubba' kitsch or the trappings of lard, sugar, and overcooked vegetables. Our intention was simple: to go back to the basics of preparing sophisticated fresh food at popular prices."

I don't know. The food didn't seem "sophisticated" to me. It seemed like very well made, traditional Southern cooking- I agree with 'back to the basics'. No need to get all fancy in the description.

In the spirit of the restaurant (I mean why go there if you aren't going to go Southern?) Adam had North Carolina crab cakes and I had shrimp and grits. I think I've only ever had shrimp and grits once and that was back in high school. I've carried fond memories of those shrimp and grits with me over the years and was super excited for a fatty, tasty reunion. Wishbone certainly did not disappoint! Their version of shrimp and grits involved mushrooms, scallions and bacon in addition to the creamy grits and, of course, shrimp. Despite my best efforts, I only finished about 1/4 of the serving, but I think my coronary arteries will thank me for that!

Adam enjoyed his food as well. He's actually been there a few times and has had good things to say each time. Another plus of this restaurant is the HUGE drink selection. Tons of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, including a wide array of fruit drinks. If you are not careful, you could easily drink your daily caloric intake in one sitting!

Wishbone has 2 locations in the City: the West Loop on Washington and up north on Lincoln. My recommendation only extends to brunch- I can't vouch for anything else- but I would say Wishbone is worth integrating into your Chicago brunch cycle!

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