Monday, August 9, 2010

Everything one needs for life in a nice zippy bag

Given how often Adam and I have been attending concerts in the park this summer, I thought it was time to bite the bullet and buy a wine backpack. I figured such a backpack would be far superior to the hodgepodge of shoulder bags and coolers that I had been lugging down to the park previously. Indeed, my wine backpack has made my commute to the park so much easier! There is a wonderful cooler slot for a bottle of wine, a large insulated backpack pocket w/ slots for ice packs and all the cutlery one needs for a picnic including a cheese board, a cheese knife, a corkscrew and a wine cork, not to mention the requisite wine glasses, plates and cutlery.

I strongly recommend this pack for anyone intending to do some outdoor eating, drinking and relaxing. This particular pack is the "Picnic at Ascot Picnic Backpack" sold on-line independently and through REI for $99.95. They have a two person version, but let's face it, why plan for only 1 friend when you could invite 3?

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